About Us

Rockall Energy is the culmination of three companies merged to become one solid, mid-sized oil exploration and production company. We are the combined forces of Arrow Rock, Petro Harvester and White Marlin via a merger that occurred June 6, 2018.

Our new identity is symbolic, as it is the name of a small, uninhabited islet in the North Atlantic Ocean (northwest of Ireland) known for being a stopping point for adventurers.  Rockall expects to be that... and more.  

Although our name has changed, our commitment to excellence in the industry, the areas where we operate and to our industry partners remains the same.  Together, we are stronger, poised for growth, and will continue to provide upstream exploration and production.


Rockall Energy is committed to a fundamental set of overriding principles that are the foundation of our business activities:


We will communicate directly and honestly and conduct business in a manner that is compliant with any and all regulations.


We will demonstrate professionalism and treat each person as we would expect to be treated ourselves. We will listen and value input from others.


We will maintain a work environment that fosters initiative, productivity, efficiency, entrepreneurship and accountability.


We will take ownership and responsibility to mitigate our environmental footprint. We will be cognizant of our surroundings and strive to conduct our operations in a manner that is viewed favorably by the stakeholders within the communities in which we operate.


We expect that each and every activity that is conducted on behalf of the company will be done only after consideration of the potential consequences to the safety and health of our employees, customers, contractors and the public. Any person has the right and obligation to stop any activity that is viewed as unsafe, or outside these values and expectations.